Disadvantages of online library

According to the revolution in the information technology, online library, also called as digital library brings many benefits. By using the Internet, reader can search any document without going to the physical library.

Actually, we can’t refuse advantages of online library for this convenience and fast speed. But it is still confined by some disadvantages. 

1, Copyright

Because you can freely use content of one author without his permission or acknowledgement, the copy right law can’t control it on the online library

Until now, many experts have found other solutions to protect the copyright but make convenient for reader

2, High cost for the initial system

The initial infrastructure of digital library needs to invest a large budget. The cost includes in cost of hardware, software, app and marketing.

3, Band width

This factor is in configuration set up. Thanks to band width, transfer of multimedia resources is improved day by day. But it is decreasing because of exploitation

4, Efficiency

You can freely upload or download documents, so some information can be publicized without testing carefully.  By the large volume of digital library, it can make confusing for users.

5, Environment

Using over the internet, you are distributing to the environment pollution which becomes more and more dangerous.

If you go to the traditional library, it seems friendly and saving the energy for the environment. The fact that, almost people use smart phone or computer to search information instead of going to the physical library

6, Preservation

If the system has in trouble about software or hardware, immediately you can’t do anything from this system. Even all data can be inaccessible without recovery

7, Misunderstanding about role of book

Book plays an important role for our life. When you are a student until you are worker or old. Book always brings knowledge and benefit for other fields. But nowadays, someone are forgetting reading book because they only get used to finding document from the online library

Four main benefits from online library

As my point of view, books play an important role in life, especially when you are student. You should use book to do research and improve knowledge. However, not all time you can use book. Maybe you can’t afford money to buy kinds of book you need. It also is due to not convenient for your job.

To overcome these obstacles, online library is opened. It allows you to access a huge range of online information resources with all kind of subjects such as mystery, non-fiction, poetry, sports and fantasy books. Actually, how is benefits of online library. Follow up this article to understand more about a special kind of library.

1st benefit: a large range of information to choose

Can be sure that online library provides you an unlimited resource about knowledge. If traditional libraries are limited by physical space, it can be clearly solved with online library

You have only computer hay smart phone with access internet, you can find any book you want without going somewhere

2nd benefit: Storing valuable data for new generation

Actually, it is set up as storage of important research data. You only need to sort out your findings, you can get the result relatively. Therefore, our new generation can use it as virtual heritage of information

3rd benefit: Applicable for high tech education

As long as your equipment can connect to internet, you can be accessible anywhere and at any moment. So, it takes advantage for method of education

It means students can consult online books fast without spending time to the traditional library

4th benefit: Easy to use information

As traditional way, if you don’t have original book, it will write by hand to collect information. It really wastes time

Nowadays, by development of high technology, you can easily retrieve data by copy, scan or take photo

Conclusion: Using online library beside reading book are various way to improve and develop more knowledge. It is the most if you can get balance traditional and modern method

Top book readers for the year of 2019

Many people are too busy and cannot find time to go to bookstores and purchase books. However, many are also afraid that reading online may harm their eyes. Nowadays, with some outstanding designs for ebook readers, you will no longer have to cope with those troubles.

Today ebook readers become more popular for everyone, as they are very light and handy. Some even weighs several ounces, some are eye-friendly and resemble a real paper book, and some even contain such a powerful battery for weeks. So in this article, we will mention some best e-readers that are generally chosen by worldwide users.

The first name in this list must be Kindle Paperwhite. The good points that make it outstanding from the basic types of e-readers include long lasting battery, good typography, crisper line and high resolution. Besides, you can read easily in the darkness, and adjust the built-in light quickly. Nonetheless, the bad sides still remain for this device. It is not waterproof, and chargers are not included when you purchase.

The second best e-reader that you must think of is Kobo Aura H2O. From its name can we understand the best feature of the device: waterproof. So if you are looking for an e-reader that can run well even if you drop it into water by accident, then it is the top choice. From its first launch in 2014, this device has attracted the concern and love from worldwide tech addicts for this favorable feature. In 2019, the new version of Kobo Aura has been updated with more good features, including more waterproof, more eye-friendly, diverse typography, and more onboard memory. The good think is there is no change for the price of this device. The only that it cannot be compared with Kindle’s is the smooth ecosystem.

The next name in this list will respectively be Kindle Voyage, Kobo Aura One, Kindle Oasis, NOOK Glowlight Plus, and Onyx BOOX Max. By a quick comparision about their pros and cons, you may soon find out which one is the most suitable to your demand. Have fun with your reading time!


Reviews for best eReaders in 2018

Nowadays, ebooks are making a dominance due to their convenience and the economical issues. This article is useful for you, whether you are in need of a new reader device, or if you are interested in reading online and finding a good eReader. Because there are so many choices outside in the market, it is necessary to have a brief review.

Most eReaders are from $100 in the market, but it should take time to consider what kind of eReader you need. Kindle is always on the top of best choice for ebooks lovers. However, based on the requirements specifically that we can choose a suitable ebook reader.

Almost all ebook readers aim at monochrome use, and E Ink screens for text display. Thanks to the paper-like interface, it is eye-friendly when we are reading for a longe period of time. With the recent innovations, ebook readers include edge lighting, with which you can read in the dark and adjust the intensity of brightness.

The optimal size for the display is supposed to be six inches. Most Amazon’s Kindles provide this type of screen, but there are still some other sizes, with Kobo’s Aura One at 7.8 , for example.

The quality of these displays for e Ink is also improved.  Ebooks were not a top choice for many people a few years ago, because of the sluggish page refresh, the flashed black of the screen when turning pages, and text contrast problems, which make it difficult to read. But nowadays, all of those problems have been fixed so bring to you better experiences when reading.

E Ink and tablet screens for ebook readers today make it more interesting for your reading time. With color screens, you can now read magazines and comics in a full satisfaction, rather than sticking onto traditional printed books with black and white.

More interesting things for the reviews will be disclosed in the next articles concerning useful advice for eReaders.

Lydia’s Gift – a lovely story to nourish your kids’ soul

“Lydia’s Gift” is a publication which aims at the target readers of 8-10 years old. However, it can also be the gift for the souls to all of us. If you have even small kids, they would still love it if you read this book for them at night.

The story is about a horse named Lydia, who was born and lives in a farm. From the very first days of life, she has to learn from other animals in the farm about how to adapt to the environment. The story contains meaningful lessons, with which children can be benefited. One of the best things to learn from it: Sensitive subjects can be handled with care, and secrets sometimes,  should be shared in the right moment.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ebook

Although the plot is taken on animals, we find it close to the human life. Children who are introvert and quiet will find themselves in the horse and receive good inspirations. In the end, Lydia pushes away her self-doubt and find her inner strength to live a good life.

This book conveys a really easy-to-understand message, and it is a great example for kids to form their positive characteristics. There are still some minor mistakes related to punctuation in the book. However, it is a good publication overall, and I believe that we should focus more on the meaning of it rather than the mistakes inside those sentences.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ebook

Children’s books are sold massively in the market, but this particular story can grab your attention right from the first sight, and I beleive that you will never regret about your choice! Give your children a meaningful gift like this, and you can see how it changes your kids in a positive way!

3 good books that marketers should read

Guerrila marketing-  Jay Conrad Levinson

The world has never had as many small and medium enterprises as it is today. However, most businesses have to face the problem when it is founded: How to sell goods, implement effective marketing programs, build strong brands at a reasonable cost? Like on the battlefield, the smartest way to fight in this case is guerrilla marketing.

30-day guerrilla marketing is one of the marketing books or a lot of useful information about all marketing issues. It provides specific instructions such as how to build marketing plans, direct mail marketing plans, and choose the right time to use PR instead of traditional marketing. Levinson and Lautenslager are the leading researchers in guerrilla marketing. In this book, the author has summarized his experiences into a simple book, easy to apply for 30 days.

Blink -Malcolm Gladwell

A blink is a fantasy moment, when an idea, a trend, or a social behavior crosses a certain threshold – breaks out and spreads like a wild fire. Just like a sick person can trigger a pandemic, a small but accurate goal can also become a trigger for a fashion trend, replicating the consumption of the product. , or lower the crime rate …

In this book, which is warmly welcomed by readers, Malcolm Gladwell has discovered and opened us a deep understanding of the phenomenon of “outbreaks”, which will completely change the perception of all people around the world about the consumption of products and the dissemination of ideas.

Positioning- Al Ries and Jack Trout

Positioning was first introduced by American marketing strategist Jack Trout through an article published in Industrial Marketing magazine in 1969. Jack Trout then joined Al Ries in developing this concept. in the book Positioning – published in 1981, and since then Position has changed the traditional marketing approach and entered the lives of businesses.


Read ebook books and unbelievable benefits of ebook reading

Reading ebook is very convenient

Ebook books are often quite popular because of their compactness and convenience, readers can search book ebooks easily on the internet. Today, along with the development of smartphones, tablets, the selection of ebook books to read in free time, at leisure … is a top choice of readers.

Finding any reference in ebook books is easy because you only need to enter the correct keywords and download them within 30s instead of going to a bookstore and searching for your favorite book. Only with one The ebook or tablet you can store up to thousands of soft-copy books that with traditional paper books you can’t do.
Ebook is very cheap compare with hard copy book

The choice of reading ebook instead of reading paper books is a good choice for saving money for readers. An ebook has a production cost of only about a third of the printed book price. Moreover, the time for launching a book ebook is faster than that of printed books and does not cost other materials, so it also contributes a part in protecting the environment, saving space such as production areas, houses …

The choice of reading ebook instead of reading paper books is a good choice for saving money for readers

Reading ebook is very AWESOME
– Read ebook books to reduce stress and mental stimulation.
– Read ebook books that help expand knowledge and vision.
– Read ebook to purify the soul and entertain.
– Read ebook books to increase analytical and writing skills.

Decartes once said: “Reading is to talk to the most successful people of the past centuries.” Therefore, Reading Art is a great gift for readers who are passionate about reading and desire to discover the vast world of knowledge in each book

8 investment books should be read if you want to get rich

1. “Business Adventures” – John Brooks
Rich people always believe that starting a business is the fastest way to make money. This is also the book of the world’s richest billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

“You won’t find any theory in this book. Brooks writes very long stories to present problems, delve into reason, introduce new principles and show you how to succeed in business. ”- Bill Gates commented on” Business Adventures “.
2. “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing” – John C. Bogle

7 Interesting facts about EBook

One of the simplest ways to build assets is investment. Just invest right, you will collect a lot of money.

John Bogle – founder of the world’s largest investment fund Vanguard Group shares the most simple and effective investment strategy that is investing in low index funds. Legendary investor Warren Buffett also said that every investor, big or small, should read this book.
3. “The Essays of Warren Buffett” -Warren Buffett and Lawrence A. Cunningham

The book is over 700 pages long written by the legendary investor of Omaha through letters to shareholders or his investment notes.

For Warren Buffett fans, the book will give you an overview and perspective of 87-year-old billionaire about business, investment and life.
4. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” – Robert Kiyosaki
With “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Kiyosaki completely broke the notion that making lots of money will help you become rich, through the story of two fathers – a rich father and a poor father, author explain how to build assets even when you have low wages.

Besides, Kiyosaki also goes against the belief of people that the house is an asset. He points out the difference in the wage payment options of the rich and poor, as well as emphasizing the difference between assets and debt.
In order to be rich, you must first learn to think like rich people. Everyone has the same opportunity to become rich, just need to have faith in yourself and change your thinking about money.

2 Good books that can change your life

1. Awakening to your life’s purpose

This book is about simple philosophies that it ranks No. 1 in 10 books that can change your life.
There is a writer who once said: The purpose of living as a lamp helps to illuminate our path into life. Everyone is concerned with a question: What is the purpose of my life? On the road of life, there are some people can find it. Many people struggled with that question but did not find out their purpose of life and many people lost their way in the wrong purpose. The book has made us “Awakening to your life’s purpose”, making us think and enlighten the soul of our hearts, have we found the right purpose? This is a good book, a museum that leads us on the right path into many hardships, but also lots of bitter sweetness.

Believe me, this book will not let you down!

2. Change your mind and your life will follow

When we change, the world will change. Let’s look at the following point: We only have two choices in life. The first option is to fall into frustration, paralysis and let the fear control you. The second option is to open your heart to the world around you, heal yourself and others by changing your habit of acting in relationships. We cannot change someone. We often cannot change the situation. But We can learn to act with loving hearts instead of reacting with anger or hurt. Let us remember that we have control over everything. When we stop paying attention to the problem, the solution will appear.
Presented in 12 simple steps, this book provides us with the insights needed to find out how to behave peacefully and positively in all situations.

2 good books about communication skills

1. How to talk to anyone- Leil Lowndes

Have you ever admired successful people, who “seem to have everything”? You find them to be confident in business meetings or always to lead the party atmosphere … Why do they achieve those things?

The Art of Communication to succeed with 92 tricks is refined and drawn from flexible situations in social life will equip you with the knowledge and skills to live and work to have a great influence on your life’s successful journey.

Each example, each story is parsed, so that readers can see clearly the benefits and harms and how to choose the principle of living.

This book is aimed at all readers, whether students, salespeople, entrepreneurs, managers, politicians or housewives or anyone who wants to control good relationships and income for their life effectively.
2. Getting past no- William Ury

In life, there is always a paradox: having a lot of things but you still feel empty. The more things they buy, the more they want to buy, … And the more we suffer from this paradox, the more we develop. We are too serious to learn “more” but forget about “less” learning.

We say Yes with too many good things, then finally don’t do any good work. We try to please everyone in order not to feel guilty, and always end up troubled by not pleasing anyone. The only thing equal to everyone is time, everyone has the same time property – 24 hours a day. How you invest this asset will create your future. You will fail when trying to do everything well. You need to know what you want, what is not important, less meaning to yourself, then you should deny it.

It seems to be a science of living art. You must go through the sequential stages, from preparation, giving and completing Rejection. In each stage there are three different steps. Your ultimate goal is not to deny, criticize or eliminate the views, opinions, and values ​​of others but to affirm what you care about, your values towards everyone.