4 basic steps to read books more efficiently

Reading books plays an important role to improve knowledge and soft skills. According to development of society, there are many various ways to access and read book. You can read page by page as the traditional way or you also use laptop or smartphone connected the Internet to surf online reading books. Per way brings unique benefits as well other experience for reader. However, not at all people enjoy reading books although they deeply understand the role as well benefits from reading books.

This article will share 4 basic steps to read books more efficiently. If you are boring with reading book or using newly effective method to read books. This following will be really valuable.

1st step: Compile the preliminary long list of titles

Among millions of different books about the same topic, it’s difficult and confusing for your option. So the first step, you should compile whether which section or kind of books are suitable to your demand.

You can list several titles then follow instructions to find list database as your checklist. Remember that you make clear whether which list is “must-read” list by some well-known source or famous authors.

2nd step: Make your final reading list

As soon as you sort out the main source and section, you should make your final reading list which is based recommendations. To find the best list, you can read some reviews from online websites. It’s better to see overall a book from the former. It can save your time.

3rd step: Decide on your next book using the developed list

When you collect a good book, you use it to find series of other lists. You can base on your impression and potential usefulness from this book to widen other books. Sometimes related books will be showed and recommended together.

4th step: Read the selected book in full value

Once you decide to choose this book, you should be patient to read it until it ends. Maybe some paragraphs make you boring. But should remember that all books have unique meaning from authors. So you have to read full value to understand total concept.

Top Five Must Read Books

When one is looking for a great book to read, going online or to the book store can often seem like a hopeless pursuit as you read the covers, browse a few pages and move on until just the perfect book falls into your lap.

To help save you some time, we thought it might be nice to offer five must read books. Each are classics in their own right and will take you on a journey that is both entertaining and rewarding. Here is our top five must read books.

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace is a time honoured book that many have read, but more still have not but should. This is considered one of the greatest novels ever read. The book is based during the era after Russia was invaded by Napoleon. The book delves into the crumbling world of aristocracy in society, on the battlefield and at home. The lengths Tolstoy went to in researching was brilliant as are the characters that will become unforgettable once you reach the last page.

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Marie Remarque

All Quiet on the Western Front is another must read, and while it is from a period in time that many cannot relate too, the novel still stands true in many aspects. It recounts the suffering of those that spent time of the front lines of the world war. Considering the many battles forging onwards in todays this world, this is one that should not be passed by.

Native Son by Richard Wright

Native Son, a novel by Richard Wright that first was published in 1940 takes you into the heart of poverty and racial tensions in America. The novels main character commits murder accidently and this begins a downward spiral into despair and more violence. An interesting fictional look into the reality for many minorities in America that still stands true today.

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter focus on a character that is deaf and mute and the things he encounters as he lives his life. McCullers was not the first to broach on this subject, but at 23, she did so indelibly and with a level of respect towards the deaf that deserves praise.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and is considered to be one of the best prose stylists. His novel The Road is a story about a father and his young son’s challenges to survive. This is a compelling novel that will keep you glued to the pages. As you follow their journey and discover the challenges they face.

Best Books to Read Online This Year

Best Books to Read Online This Year

There are so many books and resources to read online to improve your knowledge or for the purpose of relaxation. Some derive pleasure reading novels online and can go on and on reading a wide variety from different authors. Some popular sources to readily get novels to read are Amazon Kindle and Wattpad. Whether one is paying for it or it is accessed freely, a vast collection of interesting reads is available this year to intrigue and instigate one’s creative mind. For all those that are addicted to reading online, below is the list of best books to read online this year.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid Tale will make an interesting read for all those that love to read stories of the future. This story is based on an apocalyptic time when the United States of America would have been totally transformed into the Republic of Gilead. Margaret Atwood who is the writer of this book conveys the story through the eyes and voice of a Handmaid within these future times suffering the ills of the society and the organization where she is employed. The storyline is an excellent one with a lot of suspense and drama. It will make an interesting read from the Kindle collection.

Beneath the Scarlet Sky

Beneath the Scarlet Sky is a novel written by the popular Mark Sullivan. The story of this book is based on a true life story of one of the great heroes of the past, who is no longer remembered. The writer takes readers back to one of the worst times of war that greatly impacted upon the world. It depicts the braveness and resilience of a courageous young man to make it no matter what, against all odds. The main character called Pino Lella despised any association with Germans and the war that was ravaging the world. As a young teenager his interests were elsewhere, specifically focused on good Italian food and girls, coupled with good music. But, he had to be on the run after the atomic explosion that ravaged and eliminated his home. This is also an interesting read from the Amazon Kindle Collection.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Just like every other suspense filled Harry Potter’s story, this particular edition is written by J.K. Rowling as well. This edition of the story starts with Harry Potter coming in contact with Hogwarts through the letter they send to his residence. It is quite an unusual writing as it appears in the odd colors of green, yellow and purple. However, it did not get to the person addressed since it was intercepted by his guardians. Their plot to conceal the matter was not successful still due to the sudden appearance of Rubeus Hagrid to announce the true nature of Harry Potter at his 11th birthday celebration. This is another interesting read available via Kindle.

The Golden House

This great book titled The Golden House was written by Salman Rushdie. This is an intriguing mysterious plot unlike the usual books from this author which are more politically inclined. The story finds its beginning from the inauguration of the former President of the United States, Barack Obama.  Coinciding with this inaugural occasion was the rising of a mysterious billionaire from overseas. This billionaire ascends to the finely constructed master piece of “the Gardens,” a confined settlement in Greenwich Village of New York City.

Nero Golden is this mysterious billionaire who came to reside in the United States on this remarkable date. His name is questionable, his accent cannot be figured out, and everything about him smells danger. He arrives the scene in the company of his three sons, who are already adults, with no feminine presence at all, not even his mother or wife. See how the story unfolds into a thrilling sequence of events that everyone should read.

Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere is the most recent book from the bestselling author Celeste Ng. It was released in September 2017 and has become very popular after its launch. This is another book read by many online already. The previous bestselling novel titled Everything I Never Told You was fantastic and this new novel also follows that trend to expose the secretive lifestyles concealed beneath the veil of deception.

Shaker Heights is where it all happens. Everything here is well organized with nothing missing. Even the paint colors applied on each home is planed with the pattern of the roads as well. Elena Richardson and Mia Warren are the leading characters within this story.  Elena who is a strict disciplinarian who likes things done in right order meets with Mia who just came into town. Mia is an unfathomable creative artist and also a single mother of a daughter Pearl still a teenager.

The path of Elena and Mia crosses as Mia rents an apartment from the strictly principled Elena. But the baggage from the past with Mia might be even too much for that town to handle. This is an interesting read for those that love to unravel the secrets that deception does a good work to conceal. The Amazon Kindle collection and other online eBook collections will have this piece. Anyone interested can either purchase a copy from the E-Store on read online through the Kindle Service.