How to crop a pdf page

According to development of technology, we can take many benefits and convenience in social media, especially the internet. Nowadays you don’t need to go to the local library to read books. All your requirements have improved in a smartphone or computer connected to the Internet. It can be easy to search, read or download one book you expect in advance.

In this article, we will share useful tips to crop a pdf page from the online website. Don’t ignore it if you have used the Internet for working regularly.

PDF is one of the most convenient document formats to read books on any system. Sometimes readers don’t like to download all pages on one file. Whereas some PDF pages have different size. It’s better to crop a pdf you expect. We collect 5 ways to crop a pdf page easily. The fact that, depending on  other operations, we have other steps. We should separate them clearly as below.

1st: crop pdf page on Android or IOS

Almost everyone prefers to use one smartphone combined with other functions. It’s convenient to solve for some urgent cases in office or class. The best app for you is Sejda. Through this app, you are easy to crop all documents on a fixed size or cope pages on your purpose. 

Firstly, going to Sejda’s page.

Then you upload a PDF file you want to expect then click “Crop pages individually” section. Looking at the screen, you can see each page preview then going to the page you need to crop. Using your finger to select the area you expect.

The next step, you choose the “crop PDF” section and wait the process.

When the procedure is finished, it has a notice on the screen. Now, you choose “download’ to save the cropped file.