Top books writer should read to aspire creation

Writing is an important task of a writer. There are many ways to aspire feeling for creation. They can write by their real experience or as well taking other stories from books. As far as we know, reading books play an essential role for the human life. One of benefit contributes to make art works. This article will review top books which are useful for writer to aspire creation for their works.

1/ Steal Like an Artist

Composed by Austin Kleon within 160 pages, it is considered as the best books for any writer. Some experts said that this book has strong influence to guide creativity. Throughout concept, the author describes ten simple principles to change life then support you in the process for a full-fledged artist’s career. He also gives a advice to become a good artist. Copying or taking inspiration from other original work of art is not wrong action. As long as you can embrace the soul then let yourself be inspired, created and influenced, then your work is yours.

Besides it, Austin Keon also shares a few pivotal aspects of creative growth from mind to action. If you are in trouble to find some new topics, this book will set mind and promote interesting source of emotion.

2/ The War of Art

Composed by Steven Pressfield within 190 pages, this book can give meaningful message about other career periods of one writer. The author points out that almost writers have to face a creative obstacle- it is doubt. Doubt causes disarming or delaying your mind. It leads to your works in limitation. To overcome this obstacle, you have to learn the self-discipline and win your brain. This book teaches you how to battle with obstacles excellently.

To solve these challenges, by useful ways, it builds up a mindset to maintain consistency as well aspire creation for hard works.