How to crop a pdf page

According to development of technology, we can take many benefits and convenience in social media, especially the internet. Nowadays you don’t need to go to the local library to read books. All your requirements have improved in a smartphone or computer connected to the Internet. It can be easy to search, read or download one book you expect in advance.

In this article, we will share useful tips to crop a pdf page from the online website. Don’t ignore it if you have used the Internet for working regularly.

PDF is one of the most convenient document formats to read books on any system. Sometimes readers don’t like to download all pages on one file. Whereas some PDF pages have different size. It’s better to crop a pdf you expect. We collect 5 ways to crop a pdf page easily. The fact that, depending on  other operations, we have other steps. We should separate them clearly as below.

1st: crop pdf page on Android or IOS

Almost everyone prefers to use one smartphone combined with other functions. It’s convenient to solve for some urgent cases in office or class. The best app for you is Sejda. Through this app, you are easy to crop all documents on a fixed size or cope pages on your purpose. 

Firstly, going to Sejda’s page.

Then you upload a PDF file you want to expect then click “Crop pages individually” section. Looking at the screen, you can see each page preview then going to the page you need to crop. Using your finger to select the area you expect.

The next step, you choose the “crop PDF” section and wait the process.

When the procedure is finished, it has a notice on the screen. Now, you choose “download’ to save the cropped file.

Top the best websites to download PDF books

Nowadays we can take many benefits from the online library. Only with a smart computer connected the Internet, you can discover everything in the world conveniently. In this article, we will refer one of the most popular advantages from the online library which is ability to download ebook or PDF books freely.

Actually, there are many useful websites to allow you to download PDF books freely. Of course some sites only offer a range of limitation. In the followings, we recommend some popular sites to support you in downloading PDF books conveniently.


It is granted as one of the best websites for downloading free PDF books, especially about science major. On this site, you can find categories through key words which are related to computer, mathematics, technology or programming hanging subject. It is better for any IT students or officials.

 The searching process is very simple with some basic steps. Firstly, you choose the name of books or any keys related it such as author, major or content. Then you can see list information about this book. You will scroll down the page for reference related categories. The last step, you click the link to download the PDF books.


As other famous site to download PDF books freely, this website offers you millions of free eBooks, especially it is continued to update and upgrade to reach higher quality and better service. Therefore, you can find new books at this site easily without charging any fee.

Besides PDF format, ManyBooks allow you to refer other formats like ePUB, pkg, mobi or pdb which are frequently used on smart mobile, computer or iPad. It’s really convenient to download any books you expect at any format for your device. This feature is outstanding because not many sites can read or download complicated formats expect PDF.

Top the best websites to download PDF books

In the modern life, we use the Internet for working, relaxing, playing games or listening music and even reading books. The Internet plays an important role for our lives. It makes our lives become more convenient and easier.

This article will share one of benefits of the Internet. It is top the best websites to download PDF books. We don’t need to invest money to purchase touchable books. Only clicking one tab in the Internet, you can download PDF books and read it as references.

Library Genesis

This site is a searching source about millions of books and articles, especially it has form of PDF to download conveniently. It is on the top best online library for readers all over the world.

To download the book you want, you need to click on the searching tab and choose keys, including name of books, author, field or main content to sort out fast. Waiting a minute, there is a list of books on the screen as recommendation. If this list can’t meet your demand, you can try another key. After that, you click its name you want and choose “GET” to download this eBook.

On this site, there are about 50 million PDF books to download freely. The fact that this site is the largest publishing company about eBooks in the world. They focus some main fields such as: short and practical books, business books, literature or engineering or IT books.

By smart and simple design, you are easy to search information through different categories or other related ones.

On, they only offer free PDF format for you to download freely. Readers can find some main categories such as fiction, non-fiction, textbook, academic about all subject or children’s book.

Before downloading, you can click preview function to read main content in summary or comment from previous readers.

Top books writer should read to aspire creation

To become a writer, you have to write it well. Writing requires many skills like focus, practice, persistence, creation and even courage to keep patient with your work.

In “On Writing” book of Stephen King, he writes that ff you want to become a writer, you have to complete first-two important things: reading and writing a lot. In general, writing is a good practice to access more feeling and emotions.

This article will continue to share a few books writer should read to aspire creation.

3/ Bird by Bird

This book is to write essentials. The author is Anne Lamott. By personal experience and a witty tone, he shares and teaches all aspects to become a writer. She doesn’t provide step-by-step instructions clearly or frankly show how you should do. Per her word, it seems to encourage and inspire reader to keep calm in wring career by your understanding.

Thanks this book, you can learn how to get started, arrange first draft or write in long dialogues….All aspects relates to writing job. Furthermore, she shares tips for solution with your setbacks or mistakes. Hence, it is granted as a masterclass for anyone in process to become a good writer.

4/ The Elements Of Style

If you need a few skills to build a foundation about writing, you should read it. Written by William Strunk Jr., E. B. White, he teaches you experience about rules of writing and grammar basically. The fact that, you don’t need to comply with the rules all the time, it’s better to understand the meaning and the reason why you are breaking them.

As advice of author, from learning the rules like a pro, you can break them like a smart writer with positive effect. Furthermore, you can learn to communicate more based on powerful sentences of correct writing.

Top books writer should read to aspire creation

Writing is an important task of a writer. There are many ways to aspire feeling for creation. They can write by their real experience or as well taking other stories from books. As far as we know, reading books play an essential role for the human life. One of benefit contributes to make art works. This article will review top books which are useful for writer to aspire creation for their works.

1/ Steal Like an Artist

Composed by Austin Kleon within 160 pages, it is considered as the best books for any writer. Some experts said that this book has strong influence to guide creativity. Throughout concept, the author describes ten simple principles to change life then support you in the process for a full-fledged artist’s career. He also gives a advice to become a good artist. Copying or taking inspiration from other original work of art is not wrong action. As long as you can embrace the soul then let yourself be inspired, created and influenced, then your work is yours.

Besides it, Austin Keon also shares a few pivotal aspects of creative growth from mind to action. If you are in trouble to find some new topics, this book will set mind and promote interesting source of emotion.

2/ The War of Art

Composed by Steven Pressfield within 190 pages, this book can give meaningful message about other career periods of one writer. The author points out that almost writers have to face a creative obstacle- it is doubt. Doubt causes disarming or delaying your mind. It leads to your works in limitation. To overcome this obstacle, you have to learn the self-discipline and win your brain. This book teaches you how to battle with obstacles excellently.

To solve these challenges, by useful ways, it builds up a mindset to maintain consistency as well aspire creation for hard works.

Strategies to read books more effectively

As far as we know, reading book plays an essential role to develop knowledge for individuals. From we were students until working or retirement, we continue to broaden and learn new information. Some people kindly understand the importance of reading books. Even reading book becomes more convenient when we can read it online through online libraries or Ebooks. Actually, someone can’t take advantage of reading books because they feel boring, sleepy or even useless when staring at words on paper.

When you have awareness to read more, you will not alone. We will share to you strategies to manage and read book effectively.

1/ Before start reading officially– ask questions firstly

When you open a new book, especially Ebooks online, you shouldn’t focus on the content firstly. This action is easy to get boring when see millions of words before you. It is better to have a basic idea about overall information. You should set questions such as: what is purpose to read books, how to access it fast….

The answers can give you a foundation to understand content of this book better. When you see issues overview, you are easy to immerse though or minds from the author.

2/ During reading, giving questions for yourselves and taking a rest after a difficult section

Reading in a long time can make you forgettable anything you have ever read before. So you don’t need to make target that you have read enough number of pages, it’s better that you read and consider again about the content. Exchanging though with yourself is a great way to remember longer and deeper.

Some expert advises that you only should spend one up to two hours to read book every day. Then you take a rest your mind.

3/ After reading- finding the main idea

You can’t consume all a book in a day. So to sure that you don’t forget the content, you should take note some main idea after reading.  

4 basic steps to read books more efficiently

Reading books plays an important role to improve knowledge and soft skills. According to development of society, there are many various ways to access and read book. You can read page by page as the traditional way or you also use laptop or smartphone connected the Internet to surf online reading books. Per way brings unique benefits as well other experience for reader. However, not at all people enjoy reading books although they deeply understand the role as well benefits from reading books.

This article will share 4 basic steps to read books more efficiently. If you are boring with reading book or using newly effective method to read books. This following will be really valuable.

1st step: Compile the preliminary long list of titles

Among millions of different books about the same topic, it’s difficult and confusing for your option. So the first step, you should compile whether which section or kind of books are suitable to your demand.

You can list several titles then follow instructions to find list database as your checklist. Remember that you make clear whether which list is “must-read” list by some well-known source or famous authors.

2nd step: Make your final reading list

As soon as you sort out the main source and section, you should make your final reading list which is based recommendations. To find the best list, you can read some reviews from online websites. It’s better to see overall a book from the former. It can save your time.

3rd step: Decide on your next book using the developed list

When you collect a good book, you use it to find series of other lists. You can base on your impression and potential usefulness from this book to widen other books. Sometimes related books will be showed and recommended together.

4th step: Read the selected book in full value

Once you decide to choose this book, you should be patient to read it until it ends. Maybe some paragraphs make you boring. But should remember that all books have unique meaning from authors. So you have to read full value to understand total concept.

The advantages of Ebooks

Ebooks plays an important role in the modern life, it helps our life to be more convenient. Further, you are easy to access source of huge knowledge for studying or working. It’s the best way to enrich yourself. To understand deeply about Ebooks, following some top advantage as bellows:


You have a habit to read boos when you are in car or flight for travel, but it is so heavy for a long journey. So your solution is reading ebooks only with a smartphone or laptop. It helps your reading to become easily and simply

You know, by ebooks, you can bring everything in the world by a small bag. It seems amazing!


Someone has a bookstore with hundreds of different books. In some cases, your physics books can disappear by some bad reasons such as fire, stolen by someone. It’s terrible for your mood.

However, in ebooks, you can save everything you want by many copies. If you are unluckily to delete some data, also having some solutions to recover it. Sure, ebooks is a good place to store valuable documents through a long time.


You are a bookworm, you usually spend much money to buy new books. If you consider that it’s time to save money but still keeping reading book daily, using ebooks is a good way.

You can still read and update the latest books or any kind of book you like with a reasonable price. Surely that it is cheaper than physical books.


Night reading means you can continue to use ebooks when you go to bed without using lights device. Now it’s comfortable to take a rest on the bed and enjoy a little useful habit in the end of day like reading ebooks.

Top 10 sites where you can read books online

Booking online plays an important role in the modern life. It pushes your working to become more convenient and efficient. Among a wide range of sites about reading books, you are confusing which site is good and proper to your demand?

We will make your trouble easy and simple with the following articles. We will discuss top the best sites where you can read books online effectively.

6/ Blurb

Blurb is one of the most reliable sites because they can publicize books by themselves. So you are easy to find well designed and quality e-books from this site.

You also see previews about entire content and author of this e-book. The reading interface is focused on well-designed pattern so it’s simple in your searching process. After seeing previews, you can download it. It takes a few minutes to wait but it’s valuable to follow because of visual inspiration from e-books in Blurb.

7/ Scribd

This site usually is called with nickname “YouTube for document”. There are available millions of docs to provide in this site like: comics, presentations, brochures and of course e-books. E-books can be free or have to pay through monthly subscription. It depends kind of e-books you choose.

The reading interface is also designed to attract more reader. When you click to choose a book’s page, content appears immediately. You can download it easily through widgets on the top toolbars.

8/ Wattpad

Wattpad is one of the most popular sites in the world. On average, there are 10,000 readers connecting to this site in a few minutes.

This site continues to upgrade new stories from other sources to meet demands of readers. There are about 20 languages setting so they are confident to serve almost readers all over the world. On the screen, the handy panel is convenient to search information.

10 sites where you can read books online

Nowadays, the internet has become a major tool to search information we need. So more and more information has been collected and gone up digital. Book is also one of knowledge improved like this.

To find a book as your requirement, you don’t need to go book store many hours. Everything can be searched in the Internet with a name like Ebook. Let’s continue the previous article, I will recommend you list of 10 sites where you can read books online effectively.

4/ Google Books

Google books is a big collection of books which Google take advantage of book source from viewable files.

As the same format of Google, homepage of Google books is also a search box. You can type any key words like: author, book’s title or content to narrow search results. Then the screen will appear some preview. To read more, you can select “the Full” view mode. There are also other options: reading a free sample or a full content.

Please take note that the free preview can be not a first part of the book. It means it can be any page random. It can be 20% of a book. So it’s enough to you understand the content as well format of book. You can choose any page for free preview.

5/ Smashwords

It is considered as the biggest and modern site about ebooks. Its system has a huge number of independent authors and publishers, estimated about 300,000 from over 100,000 authors.

Many books from Smashwords are being sold in famous ebookstore like Barnes & Noble or Kobo.

To narrow wide range of searching, it has key word suggestion for your choice including: titles, author or short excerpts. Reading preview depends on author’s decision. Some author choose the public mode without previewing. Some authors have provided 10% or 20% total content for free preview.