7 Interesting facts about EBook

7 Interesting facts about EBook

There are many debating issues on the air to argue the advantages of eBooks over the traditional physical books. Different types of sources or authors show different things about this matter. But it is an obvious future prediction that eBook are getting more place than traditional books. For the wide collections, easy accessibility and reading and learning proficiency of eBooks, people are getting more attached to eBooks. Now, many steps are taken to keep the balance of sale of traditional books like eBooks got permission to publish many books after the traditional ones so that after selling some traditional books, people got the opportunity to read the book in eBook readers. So, there is a rapid increase of spreading out of eBooks. Now, we are going to discuss some surprising facts of eBooks and their history and the future.

A Revolutionary Move of the Innovation History of e-Reader

The e-Reader innovation had got a revolutionary move by a Spanish woman named Angela Ruiz Robles, in 1949. The aim for her was to reduce the loads of books that needed to carry by the students. She wanted to reduce student’s hassle of carrying so many books. Her e-Reader was operated by the compressed air. This e-reader contains reels of amazing images and important texts threaded around the spindles. This e-reader also contains a magnifying glass to read in a larger font, a backlight to read at night and an audio player to read with an electronic voice. Though, this invention did not get into the reality, it was a strong step for the foundation of today’s e-reader.

A Surprising Cash Back

A renowned company made some conspiring steps regarding the sale of eBooks. They increased the cost of eBooks. So, to settle this issue, they agreed to pay $400 million regarding eBooks. So, it is a surprising and beneficial fact for the customers who bought eBooks from these renowned companies from April 2010 to May 2012. Because they are going to get back their extra money which was spent to purchase their eBooks. Most of the customers have already refunded.

Eco-friendly eBooks Production

As eBooks production do not require any nature-related products, no need to destroy our nature for eBooks. Paper books need products from trees for their production. It is absolutely at the price of our environment. So, to be careful about our environment, we can increase the production of eBooks and decrease environment destruction. It has been proved that if a person read 20 to 40 eBooks per year, it can spare a tree. So, the popularity and the use of eBook is increasing in a decent manner for this fact.

EBook Sale Increase Ratio

The ratio of selling a book does not depend on the popular titles. Some analysis on the sale of eBooks shows that the books of top authors are sold twice than a 5 ranked book. The best-selling book may not have top rank. So, it differs on the basis of the customer’s interest and author’s success. To be the author of a best-selling book is the main aim of all the authors. Around 3% sale comes from the best-selling book.

Longer Books Are More Preferred Than Shorter Books

Many analyses showed that longer eBooks are sold for many times than a shorter eBook. Readers prefer more a longer quality books. So, to be an author of a best-selling book, the author needs to make a quality book avoiding unnecessary talk and make it long with quality stories or informative content. Rather than a short serialized stories or a short novel, a quality long storybook is sold for many times.

Fall of eBook’s Price for Competition

Many publishing houses decreases the price of their eBooks on the basis of their competitors’ books’ price. When they find out that their competitors are selling books at low price, they lower their book’s price. The advantage is for the readers, of course. They find more books at the low price and so, the selling gets to increase also. The independent publishers and the self-publishers are releasing a lot of books at a very low price and thus the selling is also increasing.

The Viability of Tablets as E-Reader is an Encouraging Fact

People are getting more touched with their smartphones than the e-reader device. They prefer their smartphones to read more than the e-reader. So, the viability of smartphones and tablets as an e-reader is more encouraged by the people because they search for books to read on their smart devices. Depending on this demand, a lot of books are encoded to be able to read on the smartphones. In 2014, more than 50% of the eBooks are permitted to be read on the phone. So, the consuming and selling of e-Reader devices are decreasing rapidly.


The market for eBooks and e-readers are constantly changing. The selling may be very good this year and the fall of a sale can be found in the next year. This is the picture of the market for eBooks. But, gradually, people are getting in touch with eBooks more with time whether it is through an e-reader device or through their smartphones or tablets. The use of eBooks is an encouraging fact for all time.