Top book readers for the year of 2019

Many people are too busy and cannot find time to go to bookstores and purchase books. However, many are also afraid that reading online may harm their eyes. Nowadays, with some outstanding designs for ebook readers, you will no longer have to cope with those troubles.

Today ebook readers become more popular for everyone, as they are very light and handy. Some even weighs several ounces, some are eye-friendly and resemble a real paper book, and some even contain such a powerful battery for weeks. So in this article, we will mention some best e-readers that are generally chosen by worldwide users.

The first name in this list must be Kindle Paperwhite. The good points that make it outstanding from the basic types of e-readers include long lasting battery, good typography, crisper line and high resolution. Besides, you can read easily in the darkness, and adjust the built-in light quickly. Nonetheless, the bad sides still remain for this device. It is not waterproof, and chargers are not included when you purchase.

The second best e-reader that you must think of is Kobo Aura H2O. From its name can we understand the best feature of the device: waterproof. So if you are looking for an e-reader that can run well even if you drop it into water by accident, then it is the top choice. From its first launch in 2014, this device has attracted the concern and love from worldwide tech addicts for this favorable feature. In 2019, the new version of Kobo Aura has been updated with more good features, including more waterproof, more eye-friendly, diverse typography, and more onboard memory. The good think is there is no change for the price of this device. The only that it cannot be compared with Kindle’s is the smooth ecosystem.

The next name in this list will respectively be Kindle Voyage, Kobo Aura One, Kindle Oasis, NOOK Glowlight Plus, and Onyx BOOX Max. By a quick comparision about their pros and cons, you may soon find out which one is the most suitable to your demand. Have fun with your reading time!