The best free online libraries on the internet (part 2)

5. Read Print

Read Print is a free digital library which offers thousands of online books for teachers, students, and the classic enthusiasts. Read Print has more than 8,000 free online books by more than 3,500 famous authors. It also allows members to create their own personal bookshelves with reviews and ratings and join reading groups suitable for their interests. In addition, Read Print is one of TIME’s 50 best websites of 2010.

6. The Literature Network

The Literature Network provides searchable online literature for students or enthusiasts. In order to find the work you are looking for, you should start by looking through the author index. They currently have more than 3500 full books and more than 4400 short stories and poems by more than 260 authors. Their quotations database has more than 8500 quotes and their quiz system features more than 340 quizzes. If you have any question about literature, you can ask it in their Literature Forums where other members can answer your question.

7. Classic Reader

Classic Reader provides thousands of free classic books, poems, short stories, and plays from a wide variety of authors spanning several centuries. You will easily find authors such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Austen, and many others. The Short Story is the largest and fastest-growing section on this online library. It allows you to read the books for free online and even add your own annotations.

8. Classic Bookshelf

Classic Bookshelf is full of readable classics. You can either enjoy all the books in plain web page format or use its clever reading applet that makes digital reading almost effortless. You can’t find any Harry Potter books here but you can easily find hundreds of timeless wonders from much earlier years.

9. Chest of Books

Chest of Books presents free online books on a wide range of topics, such as Health and Healing Books, Business books, Art and Photography Books, Craft and Hobby Books, and many more. They have put a lot of attempt in converting to text, scanning, and proofreading the books for your reading enjoyment.