How to crop a pdf page

According to development of technology, we can take many benefits and convenience in social media, especially the internet. Nowadays you don’t need to go to the local library to read books. All your requirements have improved in a smartphone or computer connected to the Internet. It can be easy to search, read or download one book you expect in advance.

In this article, we will share useful tips to crop a pdf page from the online website. Don’t ignore it if you have used the Internet for working regularly.

PDF is one of the most convenient document formats to read books on any system. Sometimes readers don’t like to download all pages on one file. Whereas some PDF pages have different size. It’s better to crop a pdf you expect. We collect 5 ways to crop a pdf page easily. The fact that, depending on  other operations, we have other steps. We should separate them clearly as below.

1st: crop pdf page on Android or IOS

Almost everyone prefers to use one smartphone combined with other functions. It’s convenient to solve for some urgent cases in office or class. The best app for you is Sejda. Through this app, you are easy to crop all documents on a fixed size or cope pages on your purpose. 

Firstly, going to Sejda’s page.

Then you upload a PDF file you want to expect then click “Crop pages individually” section. Looking at the screen, you can see each page preview then going to the page you need to crop. Using your finger to select the area you expect.

The next step, you choose the “crop PDF” section and wait the process.

When the procedure is finished, it has a notice on the screen. Now, you choose “download’ to save the cropped file.

Top books writer should read to aspire creation

To become a writer, you have to write it well. Writing requires many skills like focus, practice, persistence, creation and even courage to keep patient with your work.

In “On Writing” book of Stephen King, he writes that ff you want to become a writer, you have to complete first-two important things: reading and writing a lot. In general, writing is a good practice to access more feeling and emotions.

This article will continue to share a few books writer should read to aspire creation.

3/ Bird by Bird

This book is to write essentials. The author is Anne Lamott. By personal experience and a witty tone, he shares and teaches all aspects to become a writer. She doesn’t provide step-by-step instructions clearly or frankly show how you should do. Per her word, it seems to encourage and inspire reader to keep calm in wring career by your understanding.

Thanks this book, you can learn how to get started, arrange first draft or write in long dialogues….All aspects relates to writing job. Furthermore, she shares tips for solution with your setbacks or mistakes. Hence, it is granted as a masterclass for anyone in process to become a good writer.

4/ The Elements Of Style

If you need a few skills to build a foundation about writing, you should read it. Written by William Strunk Jr., E. B. White, he teaches you experience about rules of writing and grammar basically. The fact that, you don’t need to comply with the rules all the time, it’s better to understand the meaning and the reason why you are breaking them.

As advice of author, from learning the rules like a pro, you can break them like a smart writer with positive effect. Furthermore, you can learn to communicate more based on powerful sentences of correct writing.

Lydia’s Gift – a lovely story to nourish your kids’ soul

“Lydia’s Gift” is a publication which aims at the target readers of 8-10 years old. However, it can also be the gift for the souls to all of us. If you have even small kids, they would still love it if you read this book for them at night.

The story is about a horse named Lydia, who was born and lives in a farm. From the very first days of life, she has to learn from other animals in the farm about how to adapt to the environment. The story contains meaningful lessons, with which children can be benefited. One of the best things to learn from it: Sensitive subjects can be handled with care, and secrets sometimes,  should be shared in the right moment.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ebook

Although the plot is taken on animals, we find it close to the human life. Children who are introvert and quiet will find themselves in the horse and receive good inspirations. In the end, Lydia pushes away her self-doubt and find her inner strength to live a good life.

This book conveys a really easy-to-understand message, and it is a great example for kids to form their positive characteristics. There are still some minor mistakes related to punctuation in the book. However, it is a good publication overall, and I believe that we should focus more on the meaning of it rather than the mistakes inside those sentences.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ebook

Children’s books are sold massively in the market, but this particular story can grab your attention right from the first sight, and I beleive that you will never regret about your choice! Give your children a meaningful gift like this, and you can see how it changes your kids in a positive way!

2 good books about communication skills

1. How to talk to anyone- Leil Lowndes

Have you ever admired successful people, who “seem to have everything”? You find them to be confident in business meetings or always to lead the party atmosphere … Why do they achieve those things?

The Art of Communication to succeed with 92 tricks is refined and drawn from flexible situations in social life will equip you with the knowledge and skills to live and work to have a great influence on your life’s successful journey.

Each example, each story is parsed, so that readers can see clearly the benefits and harms and how to choose the principle of living.

This book is aimed at all readers, whether students, salespeople, entrepreneurs, managers, politicians or housewives or anyone who wants to control good relationships and income for their life effectively.
2. Getting past no- William Ury

In life, there is always a paradox: having a lot of things but you still feel empty. The more things they buy, the more they want to buy, … And the more we suffer from this paradox, the more we develop. We are too serious to learn “more” but forget about “less” learning.

We say Yes with too many good things, then finally don’t do any good work. We try to please everyone in order not to feel guilty, and always end up troubled by not pleasing anyone. The only thing equal to everyone is time, everyone has the same time property – 24 hours a day. How you invest this asset will create your future. You will fail when trying to do everything well. You need to know what you want, what is not important, less meaning to yourself, then you should deny it.

It seems to be a science of living art. You must go through the sequential stages, from preparation, giving and completing Rejection. In each stage there are three different steps. Your ultimate goal is not to deny, criticize or eliminate the views, opinions, and values ​​of others but to affirm what you care about, your values towards everyone.

Top books for women

Women who love books are beautiful, they are beautiful in a very special way. Maybe they are not like flowers or pearls but they are like a cup of tea with a gentle, delicate scent. And the cup of tea, the more you sip the more delicious it is. You can give yourself or the women you love the best and most meaningful books below:
1. Mother’s diary- Kawa Chan:

Mother’s diary is a picture diary, a heartfelt message that Kawa Chan wants to send to her first son.
Flipping through every page of the book, you will go from delight to sympathy. Because the author’s stories are very close and true to the mood of many mothers who gave birth. When starting to paint the first picture, Kawa Chan simply wanted to save some memorable moments during the pregnancy so that she could show her children later, but after that, Humor of the author has received the warm support of many people. Hopefully with this booklet, the painting will reach even more people.

Read to feel, empathize or simply laugh!

2. Empowering woman- Louis L.Hay

Life is changing and standards for women are changing accordingly. Today, the ideal woman is no longer just around the house, no longer spending all her time and effort to serve her husband. Society has looked more respectful to women and therefore treatment is more fair. All Chapters in Women I have the right to help readers step by step change their beliefs, thoughts and actions to achieve happiness and success in the family as well as in society. The book closes with the message, “Love yourself and your life.”

3. Our turn!- Nikki Royston

If you are looking for something to start a business and develop your business skills, then it’s time to read this book. It will lead you on the path to success. The book also offers top tips and advice from leading business women like Anita Roddick, Martha Lane Fox and Nicola Horlick … They have shown sex plays a big part in their journey and how they are successful in the leading position ofthe male dominated business world. The book is a combination of studies and interviews with business women. It’s our time! It is an interesting and unique book for women who want to succeed on the way.

Best Resources to Read Books Online

Best Resources to Read Books Online

The internet has made the quest of knowledge easier than it was in the past. Previously, before the advancement of technology to provide the World Wide Web, one had to physically move to a local bookstore to locate a book to read. But, that tedious prerequisite is taken out of the way now. Anyone can get access to reading resources via the internet and read online without having to move from the present location. He / She can access EBooks online and read while lying comfortably on the bed. There are many websites available to get reading resources to update one’s knowledge. Below are some of the best resources to read online:

Kindle Reader

This is one of the greatest online resources of books and other reading materials. It was founded by Amazon containing all the categories of reading materials. Lots of authors publish their books through this avenue, making it accessible for registered members to preview, read, and then purchase books of their choice.  The whole idea is that authors get to expose some part of their books here for readers to interaction with and read freely at the beginning. If the book proves to be an interesting read, then the whole copy is purchased through the Kindle Store online.


This is an online reading web application that can be accessed with the personal computer using the web browser of your choice. It also has its mobile app that is accessed through smartphones and tablets at any location. All you will require is an internet connection to gain accessed to a world of free reading resources. This website is sourced from Canada with so many users online at any particular moment.

The way it works here is that authors publish their work and make part or all of it available for readers to use at any given time. With this online resource, one can read variety of stories from all genres while exploring the fantastic world of knowledge. There is a language option available to offer users with reading materials in their local language too.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the first ever online reading website developed, and it dates back to 1971. On this website you can find the world’s oldest EBook that is titled – The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. It contains the widest collection of books from all categories possible, comprising of more than 46,000 sections of reading materials. The truth is that other online reading websites connect to the great resource as well.

This is the way it works, a user get to visit the site and conduct a search for the required book needed out of the whole lot. The search can be refined based on the category of knowledge interested in. When the required book is seen, a click on that link will navigate one to the eBook’s page. Once on the page, the user is expected to click on the ‘Read this eBook’s link and then it is available to be read online. The desired resource comes in different format, and the user can choose the best format to view and read the eBook.

Open Library

The Open Library is an online study website established by a nonprofit organization. This essence of its creation was to have a free vast collection of library items from different popular physical libraries, so that users can have access to these through a public domain. The owners of this web resource are also those behind the Internet Archive web resource as well. These founders are seeking to have a single collection that comprises of all published material in the world.

This is a gigantic task that will really help readers freely access all materials for learning especially students. There are already over 20 million books available on site, coupled with the literary works from more than 6 million authors. To get access to books to read online, the user just needs to search for it and then click on its link in order to view the book via the online reader.

Google Books

Google Books is another large collection of books owned by Google. This gigantic internet corporation scanned a lot of published books that were converted into formats that can be read online. Every author has the right to expose all content of his/her book, or rather release only 20 percent for users to preview. If they are interested in reading more then, the material is purchased for the Google eBook store. However, there are some books that can’t be previewed at all and must be bought to read online. Users are expected to search for the book to read by author’s name, or book title and the details of the search will produce the link to the desired material. One can choose to read 20 percent of the content either from the beginning of the book, or from specific chapter.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive was created by the same founders of the Open Library Project in 1996. It is an all in one collection of learning materials in the form of audios, videos, books, and pictures. This website is very resourceful and versatile, in the sense that users are not only restricted to reading, but can also learn via the aid of video and audio tutorial. It is a one-stop knowledge center to access great resources to read online. A quick search through all the resources will grant you access to the require book or resource. One has to only click on the link of the eBook to enjoy reading on this website via its online reader.

Best Books to Read Online This Year

Best Books to Read Online This Year

There are so many books and resources to read online to improve your knowledge or for the purpose of relaxation. Some derive pleasure reading novels online and can go on and on reading a wide variety from different authors. Some popular sources to readily get novels to read are Amazon Kindle and Wattpad. Whether one is paying for it or it is accessed freely, a vast collection of interesting reads is available this year to intrigue and instigate one’s creative mind. For all those that are addicted to reading online, below is the list of best books to read online this year.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid Tale will make an interesting read for all those that love to read stories of the future. This story is based on an apocalyptic time when the United States of America would have been totally transformed into the Republic of Gilead. Margaret Atwood who is the writer of this book conveys the story through the eyes and voice of a Handmaid within these future times suffering the ills of the society and the organization where she is employed. The storyline is an excellent one with a lot of suspense and drama. It will make an interesting read from the Kindle collection.

Beneath the Scarlet Sky

Beneath the Scarlet Sky is a novel written by the popular Mark Sullivan. The story of this book is based on a true life story of one of the great heroes of the past, who is no longer remembered. The writer takes readers back to one of the worst times of war that greatly impacted upon the world. It depicts the braveness and resilience of a courageous young man to make it no matter what, against all odds. The main character called Pino Lella despised any association with Germans and the war that was ravaging the world. As a young teenager his interests were elsewhere, specifically focused on good Italian food and girls, coupled with good music. But, he had to be on the run after the atomic explosion that ravaged and eliminated his home. This is also an interesting read from the Amazon Kindle Collection.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Just like every other suspense filled Harry Potter’s story, this particular edition is written by J.K. Rowling as well. This edition of the story starts with Harry Potter coming in contact with Hogwarts through the letter they send to his residence. It is quite an unusual writing as it appears in the odd colors of green, yellow and purple. However, it did not get to the person addressed since it was intercepted by his guardians. Their plot to conceal the matter was not successful still due to the sudden appearance of Rubeus Hagrid to announce the true nature of Harry Potter at his 11th birthday celebration. This is another interesting read available via Kindle.

The Golden House

This great book titled The Golden House was written by Salman Rushdie. This is an intriguing mysterious plot unlike the usual books from this author which are more politically inclined. The story finds its beginning from the inauguration of the former President of the United States, Barack Obama.  Coinciding with this inaugural occasion was the rising of a mysterious billionaire from overseas. This billionaire ascends to the finely constructed master piece of “the Gardens,” a confined settlement in Greenwich Village of New York City.

Nero Golden is this mysterious billionaire who came to reside in the United States on this remarkable date. His name is questionable, his accent cannot be figured out, and everything about him smells danger. He arrives the scene in the company of his three sons, who are already adults, with no feminine presence at all, not even his mother or wife. See how the story unfolds into a thrilling sequence of events that everyone should read.

Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere is the most recent book from the bestselling author Celeste Ng. It was released in September 2017 and has become very popular after its launch. This is another book read by many online already. The previous bestselling novel titled Everything I Never Told You was fantastic and this new novel also follows that trend to expose the secretive lifestyles concealed beneath the veil of deception.

Shaker Heights is where it all happens. Everything here is well organized with nothing missing. Even the paint colors applied on each home is planed with the pattern of the roads as well. Elena Richardson and Mia Warren are the leading characters within this story.  Elena who is a strict disciplinarian who likes things done in right order meets with Mia who just came into town. Mia is an unfathomable creative artist and also a single mother of a daughter Pearl still a teenager.

The path of Elena and Mia crosses as Mia rents an apartment from the strictly principled Elena. But the baggage from the past with Mia might be even too much for that town to handle. This is an interesting read for those that love to unravel the secrets that deception does a good work to conceal. The Amazon Kindle collection and other online eBook collections will have this piece. Anyone interested can either purchase a copy from the E-Store on read online through the Kindle Service.