The best free online libraries on the internet (part 1)

It can’t be denied that reading books has a significant number of benefits. However, not everyone can afford to buy a new book every now and then. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of free online libraries that offers tons of e-books so that we can read or download without paying any fee. And here’s a list of the best online libraries for you to read online and download free e-books legally.

1. Project Gutenberg

Besides the aim of digitizing and archiving cultural works, the large e-book collection Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to encourage everyone to create and distribute e-books. Most of the items there are the full texts of public domain books. Project Gutenberg tries to make these items as free as possible and open formats to be used on almost any computer. Presently, this project offers more than 59,000 free eBooks, which helps you be able to find the world’s great literature.

2. Questia

Since its founding, the premier online paper writing and research resource Questia has helped students and researchers all over the world be able to find a lot of high-quality scholarly research. Focusing on humanities and social sciences subjects, Questia provides the resources that are needed to complete for coursework. Since 2010 when Questia was acquired by Cengage Learning, the top provider of research solutions for worldwide academic audiences, the online library of Questia has continued to grow.

3. Open Library

Open Library is a nonprofit organization, which is an initiative of the Internet Archive. It is an online project aimed to create what was called one web page for every book ever published. Open Library offers online access to a lot of public domain and out-of-print books. They hope that libraries and individual readers will join their project and together build towards universal access to all knowledge.

4. The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page provides access to books that are freely readable online. Its aim is to encourage the development of online books. Presently, its local index includes over 2 million works in different formats. All of the books are free for non-commercial and personal use.