Top books writer should read to aspire creation

To become a writer, you have to write it well. Writing requires many skills like focus, practice, persistence, creation and even courage to keep patient with your work.

In “On Writing” book of Stephen King, he writes that ff you want to become a writer, you have to complete first-two important things: reading and writing a lot. In general, writing is a good practice to access more feeling and emotions.

This article will continue to share a few books writer should read to aspire creation.

3/ Bird by Bird

This book is to write essentials. The author is Anne Lamott. By personal experience and a witty tone, he shares and teaches all aspects to become a writer. She doesn’t provide step-by-step instructions clearly or frankly show how you should do. Per her word, it seems to encourage and inspire reader to keep calm in wring career by your understanding.

Thanks this book, you can learn how to get started, arrange first draft or write in long dialogues….All aspects relates to writing job. Furthermore, she shares tips for solution with your setbacks or mistakes. Hence, it is granted as a masterclass for anyone in process to become a good writer.

4/ The Elements Of Style

If you need a few skills to build a foundation about writing, you should read it. Written by William Strunk Jr., E. B. White, he teaches you experience about rules of writing and grammar basically. The fact that, you don’t need to comply with the rules all the time, it’s better to understand the meaning and the reason why you are breaking them.

As advice of author, from learning the rules like a pro, you can break them like a smart writer with positive effect. Furthermore, you can learn to communicate more based on powerful sentences of correct writing.