Top 3 good books for men

Men have two ways to prove their power: One is going to the society, experiencing life, two is in the library, buried his head in books. Those who are hesitant and choose to play a little bit and learn a little bit, often end up with a lose in life. As a brave man, you need to read and think about these 3 books.
1. Goal! by Brian Tracy

Conquering the goal gives you 21 important ideas and strategies to help you realize your desires. Hundreds of thousands, even millions, started out with white hands and achieved great success with these principles. What others can do, you can do as long as you really love to do it!

2. Differentiate or die of Jack Trout Steave Rivkin

This is a good book that business man evaluate it with the logical, easy to understand to help us easily apply to life. It is easy to understand that, if not make a difference, do not know how to refresh themselves will mean that we will fail, will “die.” You do not have to look for the proof, because the author Jack Trout has proved that the famous brands such as Nokia, Motorola, Alta Vista, .. they were used to be very successful.

3. The Richest man in Babylon

When reading the book The Richest Man in Babylon you will know that: To make your aspirations fulfilled, you must at least succeed in terms of money. This book will teach you how to apply the principles of financial development.

This book is about the successes of each person living in the ancient Babylonian city, specifically the achievements they have made. This will help people better understand the financial issues and offer strategies for those who are anxious and thinking about how to do it.
We hope that the list of books above will help you to be fullfil in life and successful