Lydia’s Gift – a lovely story to nourish your kids’ soul

“Lydia’s Gift” is a publication which aims at the target readers of 8-10 years old. However, it can also be the gift for the souls to all of us. If you have even small kids, they would still love it if you read this book for them at night.

The story is about a horse named Lydia, who was born and lives in a farm. From the very first days of life, she has to learn from other animals in the farm about how to adapt to the environment. The story contains meaningful lessons, with which children can be benefited. One of the best things to learn from it: Sensitive subjects can be handled with care, and secrets sometimes,  should be shared in the right moment.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ebook

Although the plot is taken on animals, we find it close to the human life. Children who are introvert and quiet will find themselves in the horse and receive good inspirations. In the end, Lydia pushes away her self-doubt and find her inner strength to live a good life.

This book conveys a really easy-to-understand message, and it is a great example for kids to form their positive characteristics. There are still some minor mistakes related to punctuation in the book. However, it is a good publication overall, and I believe that we should focus more on the meaning of it rather than the mistakes inside those sentences.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ebook

Children’s books are sold massively in the market, but this particular story can grab your attention right from the first sight, and I beleive that you will never regret about your choice! Give your children a meaningful gift like this, and you can see how it changes your kids in a positive way!

Read ebook books and unbelievable benefits of ebook reading

Reading ebook is very convenient

Ebook books are often quite popular because of their compactness and convenience, readers can search book ebooks easily on the internet. Today, along with the development of smartphones, tablets, the selection of ebook books to read in free time, at leisure … is a top choice of readers.

Finding any reference in ebook books is easy because you only need to enter the correct keywords and download them within 30s instead of going to a bookstore and searching for your favorite book. Only with one The ebook or tablet you can store up to thousands of soft-copy books that with traditional paper books you can’t do.
Ebook is very cheap compare with hard copy book

The choice of reading ebook instead of reading paper books is a good choice for saving money for readers. An ebook has a production cost of only about a third of the printed book price. Moreover, the time for launching a book ebook is faster than that of printed books and does not cost other materials, so it also contributes a part in protecting the environment, saving space such as production areas, houses …

The choice of reading ebook instead of reading paper books is a good choice for saving money for readers

Reading ebook is very AWESOME
– Read ebook books to reduce stress and mental stimulation.
– Read ebook books that help expand knowledge and vision.
– Read ebook to purify the soul and entertain.
– Read ebook books to increase analytical and writing skills.

Decartes once said: “Reading is to talk to the most successful people of the past centuries.” Therefore, Reading Art is a great gift for readers who are passionate about reading and desire to discover the vast world of knowledge in each book

Top books for women

Women who love books are beautiful, they are beautiful in a very special way. Maybe they are not like flowers or pearls but they are like a cup of tea with a gentle, delicate scent. And the cup of tea, the more you sip the more delicious it is. You can give yourself or the women you love the best and most meaningful books below:
1. Mother’s diary- Kawa Chan:

Mother’s diary is a picture diary, a heartfelt message that Kawa Chan wants to send to her first son.
Flipping through every page of the book, you will go from delight to sympathy. Because the author’s stories are very close and true to the mood of many mothers who gave birth. When starting to paint the first picture, Kawa Chan simply wanted to save some memorable moments during the pregnancy so that she could show her children later, but after that, Humor of the author has received the warm support of many people. Hopefully with this booklet, the painting will reach even more people.

Read to feel, empathize or simply laugh!

2. Empowering woman- Louis L.Hay

Life is changing and standards for women are changing accordingly. Today, the ideal woman is no longer just around the house, no longer spending all her time and effort to serve her husband. Society has looked more respectful to women and therefore treatment is more fair. All Chapters in Women I have the right to help readers step by step change their beliefs, thoughts and actions to achieve happiness and success in the family as well as in society. The book closes with the message, “Love yourself and your life.”

3. Our turn!- Nikki Royston

If you are looking for something to start a business and develop your business skills, then it’s time to read this book. It will lead you on the path to success. The book also offers top tips and advice from leading business women like Anita Roddick, Martha Lane Fox and Nicola Horlick … They have shown sex plays a big part in their journey and how they are successful in the leading position ofthe male dominated business world. The book is a combination of studies and interviews with business women. It’s our time! It is an interesting and unique book for women who want to succeed on the way.

5 unbelievable benefits of reading

When was the last time you read a book or magazine? Do your daily reading habits are just updates from Facebook, or even just a guide on using instant noodles? If you are one of the many people who do not have a habit of reading every day, that means you have ignored the many benefits of reading. Here are just 6 benefits out of them.

1. Cheer up your spirit

Studies have shown that reading helps to refresh the mind. Spiritual stimulation helps slow down the progression (or even stop) of Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss, keeping your brain active and engaged to prevent energy loss. Like any other organ in the body, the brain requires exercise to stay healthy.

2. Reducing stress

Regardless of how much workload you are in, personal relationships, or countless other issues facing everyday life, all of them will disappear when you focus on an interesting story. A good book can take you to another world, an interesting article will stabilize you in the present moment, causing tension to fade away and allow you to relax and have a good time.

3. Knowledge

Everything you read will fill your mind with fresh, interesting information. You do not know when you will need these pieces of knowledge. The more you know, the better equipped you are to overcome any challenge in life.
Have you ever fallen into a tragic situation? Remember that you can lose everything – work, property, money, even health – but knowledge is never lost.

5. Improve memory

When you read a book, you have to keep in mind the characters, the information about them, the ambition, the history, the tone or the circumstances that shape the way each character lives. Maybe there are a lot, but the brain is a great thing, they can remember all these things easily. Very miraculous, each new memory will cause the brain to create new brain wrinkles and strengthen the old wrinkles, support the memory recall and balance. Interesting, right?


Best Ways to Access Books to Read Online

Best Ways to Access Books to Read Online

Some people do not know how to access books to read online. This could be because they are so used to purchasing paperback books from a local store to read. Or, they have a poor reading culture. There are several ways to access materials to read online, but one has to be very careful not to be scammed. This is because some malicious sites can pose to provide free eBooks only to spread malwares on your device. The essence of this article is to provide the right guide to prevent such harms, and at the same give the much-needed guidance on how to access reading materials easily online. Going straight to the point, here are the best ways to access reading materials online.

By Getting Free EBooks Online

There are lots of free resources you can access online freely without having to pay for. These eBooks can be sourced from different legitimate websites covering a wide range of topics and categories. The fact is that for every topic under study there are many free eBooks available to get online. It is just a matter of locating the right source. An emphasis is placed on legitimacy of websites because there are some spam sites set to harm ignorant users in search of free resources online. So, here are legitimate ways to get free eBooks online.

  • Get EBooks From Online Collections – in this case you can locate several reliable eBook collections to search for one to read. Google Books, Project Gutenberg are great sources to find eBooks to read freely. In the case of Google Books, you will have 20 percent access to read a particular book, and pay for the book to view the remaining content. However with Project Gutenberg, you can have full access to view the full content of most books online.
  • Get Archived and Academic Books – Archived and academic books are abundant online, and one can easily get access to free copies for reading. Books that deal with historical knowledge can be found without stress from archived websites like HathiTrust. In this resource bank all academic and historical books are available for students and others to use for their research and school work. Sincerely speaking, it is easier to find these types of eBook free online, that one can have access to their hard copy. Many online libraries owned by public universities and government are also a great way to source these materials for free.
  • Get Free EBooks From Databases – there are a lot of eBook databases anyone can search through to get free eBooks to read online. The case here might not be that of 100 percent possible chance. It is more like a 50 -50 percent chance of getting a free eBook to download or read via an online reader. The fact remains that most eBooks displayed in databases like this are for sale, although some authors offer theirs for free. Locate a database and search for eBooks that are free, then you can access them.
  • Do a Random Search Online For Any EBook – through the help of efficient search engines available on the internet, one can randomly search for any eBook of choice. With a particular book title in mind, coupled with the name of the author, anyone can search the internet through a search engine. The displayed search result pages will include all the places online where that eBook is available. It is possible to get a link where the desired material can be accessed free. Sometimes there might be a link to a torrent site where the eBook is offered free to download.
Buying EBook Online

One of the easiest way to get access to books to read online is to buy them through the internet. There are many books available for sale through different online bookstore in softcopy. Be sure to get the right book from a legitimate, and always verify the authenticity of the website, before entering in your account information. To safeguard oneself from dangers like these, it is preferable to buy eBooks from big time online book sellers, such as Amazon Kindle Reader, Google Books and other big player. This guarantees the security of the data entered while buying the reading material. So here are the available options for buying eBook online:

  • Buy your books from big time booksellers like Google Books or Amazon Kindle as previously stated.
  • Search Online to locate the website of the author and then you can buy directly from the author. This is because there are times when the required book in not available of the super online book stores. So, in this scenario, a search using the book title and author’s name will lead you to the author’s website or other sited where the eBook can be listed. All that is needed at this point is to enter details of bank account to process payment for the required material.
  • Subcribe for Ebooks Reading Service – in this instance, the reader subscribes to an eBook reading service like Scribd. With a one-time payment that may be valid for some months or years, the person can have access to all the eBooks provided within that collection for as long as the payment covers. So, with one subscription paid at once, the user can have access to many titles under that plan.

Best Resources to Read Books Online

Best Resources to Read Books Online

The internet has made the quest of knowledge easier than it was in the past. Previously, before the advancement of technology to provide the World Wide Web, one had to physically move to a local bookstore to locate a book to read. But, that tedious prerequisite is taken out of the way now. Anyone can get access to reading resources via the internet and read online without having to move from the present location. He / She can access EBooks online and read while lying comfortably on the bed. There are many websites available to get reading resources to update one’s knowledge. Below are some of the best resources to read online:

Kindle Reader

This is one of the greatest online resources of books and other reading materials. It was founded by Amazon containing all the categories of reading materials. Lots of authors publish their books through this avenue, making it accessible for registered members to preview, read, and then purchase books of their choice.  The whole idea is that authors get to expose some part of their books here for readers to interaction with and read freely at the beginning. If the book proves to be an interesting read, then the whole copy is purchased through the Kindle Store online.


This is an online reading web application that can be accessed with the personal computer using the web browser of your choice. It also has its mobile app that is accessed through smartphones and tablets at any location. All you will require is an internet connection to gain accessed to a world of free reading resources. This website is sourced from Canada with so many users online at any particular moment.

The way it works here is that authors publish their work and make part or all of it available for readers to use at any given time. With this online resource, one can read variety of stories from all genres while exploring the fantastic world of knowledge. There is a language option available to offer users with reading materials in their local language too.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the first ever online reading website developed, and it dates back to 1971. On this website you can find the world’s oldest EBook that is titled – The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. It contains the widest collection of books from all categories possible, comprising of more than 46,000 sections of reading materials. The truth is that other online reading websites connect to the great resource as well.

This is the way it works, a user get to visit the site and conduct a search for the required book needed out of the whole lot. The search can be refined based on the category of knowledge interested in. When the required book is seen, a click on that link will navigate one to the eBook’s page. Once on the page, the user is expected to click on the ‘Read this eBook’s link and then it is available to be read online. The desired resource comes in different format, and the user can choose the best format to view and read the eBook.

Open Library

The Open Library is an online study website established by a nonprofit organization. This essence of its creation was to have a free vast collection of library items from different popular physical libraries, so that users can have access to these through a public domain. The owners of this web resource are also those behind the Internet Archive web resource as well. These founders are seeking to have a single collection that comprises of all published material in the world.

This is a gigantic task that will really help readers freely access all materials for learning especially students. There are already over 20 million books available on site, coupled with the literary works from more than 6 million authors. To get access to books to read online, the user just needs to search for it and then click on its link in order to view the book via the online reader.

Google Books

Google Books is another large collection of books owned by Google. This gigantic internet corporation scanned a lot of published books that were converted into formats that can be read online. Every author has the right to expose all content of his/her book, or rather release only 20 percent for users to preview. If they are interested in reading more then, the material is purchased for the Google eBook store. However, there are some books that can’t be previewed at all and must be bought to read online. Users are expected to search for the book to read by author’s name, or book title and the details of the search will produce the link to the desired material. One can choose to read 20 percent of the content either from the beginning of the book, or from specific chapter.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive was created by the same founders of the Open Library Project in 1996. It is an all in one collection of learning materials in the form of audios, videos, books, and pictures. This website is very resourceful and versatile, in the sense that users are not only restricted to reading, but can also learn via the aid of video and audio tutorial. It is a one-stop knowledge center to access great resources to read online. A quick search through all the resources will grant you access to the require book or resource. One has to only click on the link of the eBook to enjoy reading on this website via its online reader.

10 Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of E-Textbooks

10 Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of E-Textbooks

The popularity of the e-textbooks is increasing in a surprising manner. Due to the advancement of the technology, younger people are becoming more attached to the digital world and digital materials. Younger generation finds the use of digital materials easier than the traditional materials. So, the use of digital things is increasing by the younger people than the older. So, e-textbooks for the students are getting more selling ability than anything else. Some surveys proved that more than 50% students of the US use digital contents and e-textbooks over the traditional books. Students of other countries are also involved in the e-learning through e-textbooks. We will now know some reasons of e-textbook use.

Increasing Use of Digital Devices

Almost 98% students of the world use and own their smart device. A smartphone or a tablet is a common scene found at the hand of the students. They like to spend their most of the time on these smart devices. So, if they find the way to learn their text for their schools on their smartphones, it will be the better opportunity for them to spend their digital time wisely. So, they prefer e-textbooks more as they can read easily their tough texts on their smart devices. Almost 73% of the students like to study with the help of the technology.

The Lower Price

An e-textbook production does not need any paper, ink etc. whereas, traditional books need a lot of things for the production. So, e-textbooks can be made at a very low price. So, the cost of e-textbook is lower than the traditional books. For this reason, the e-textbooks are more affordable than any other books.

The Higher Accessibility

An e-textbook only need a Wi-Fi connection or internet connection to download. You can any books anytime you want. You can read your books whenever and wherever you want. To get a traditional book, you have to go to the market and search for it. In case of the e-textbook, students do not need to spend a lot of time and do not need to take any hassle to find an e-textbook. The super-fast search option makes the finding a book easier and a student can get a book within minutes.

The Easy Portability

An e-textbook device is a portable device. A student does not need to sit straight and read carefully anymore. A student can read at their utmost ease and comfort. The wireless portability made it so easy to use that students find it easier than any traditional textbook. They can travel with a lot of books through this e-textbook option.

The Digital Format of E-textbook

The digital format of traditional books makes it easy to turning up pages, see texts with reliable fonts and also read books at night with the backlight option of the e-textbook. Students find this format more convenient and easy to use than the traditional book format. Actually, the digitization of the textbooks makes the life of a student easy and comfortable. They can learn their textbooks at their utmost reliability.

The Functionality

The functionality of an e-textbook is of high standard. The highest utility base of an e-textbook makes the learning and reading easier for a student. The digital format of texts, the audio sounds, and audio definitions etc. make the learning easy. Some e-textbooks provide video options and 3D texting option that increase the readability.

The Highlighted Text

Some e-textbooks provide the highlighting texts function which increases the readability. The learning ability has also increased because of this function. When a student finds a highlighted text, they eager to read about that and also like to see the highlighted text of a whole content which in turn increase the learning interest for students.

Copy and Pasting Option

Most of the e-textbooks provide copy and paste option. A student can be able to modify their textbook to read and memorize the important facts in their own reliability. Students find their e-textbook as their own interest.

Interactive studies like guide puzzles

There are a lot of interactive studying functions of an e-textbook. Students can use this function to practice their learnings and thus their learning ability will be enriched. Students find it very useful to capture and memorize the texts. The hard texts become more easy to learn for this function.

Time-saving Fact

A lot of functions are included in the e-textbook. Students can use all the functions of e-textbook to enrich and enhance their readability and learning ability. These functions act as a time saving option for the student. Students can make it in a faster way. They can read anytime, any places and at anyhow they want. They can use it even when they rest in bed. They can continue their reading and be learning even when they go for a vacation or for traveling.


As a whole, we can say that the e-textbook has opened a wide door for the students to increase the readability and the learning ability. They can learn with the technological advancement and progress. This innovative e-textbook function enhances the career-making way. Students get to involve more due to the help of it. Students can be able to use time in the fastest way and get the learning option at their hand in every possible way.

10 eBook Vs Printed Books Facts

10 eBook Vs Printed Books Facts

The printed books were our traditional way of learning and reading. The importance of this obviously agreed. But we should take this as our past because of some reasons like environmental issues. This is the time of taking the technology to avoid our environmental destruction. We should be used in this e-papers to go with technology and find the best solution for us.

Besides for some extra advantages and opportunities, the popularity of eBooks is also increasing day by day. The greater accessibility, low price, and easy use methods make it more preferable than the traditional books. Here are some gross benefits of eBooks are shown below which we cannot forget

Fast Accessibility

To get a traditional book, we need to go for it to the market and search for it. It takes a lot of time to find the book. But in case of an eBook, we can easily search a book from the easy search option of the eBook and download it within minutes. If a reader does not know what book he will find the topic he needs, he can easily search for the right book. The easy access option of the eBook enables him to find a lot of books on that topic and then he can easily select by his choice and download it. Besides, a learner can learn many new things by assessing the eBook. There are many articles available for free from which a reader can gather a lot of important information.

Updating and Upgrading

The eBooks are kept updated by the authority. The easy functionality of eBooks makes it easy to update. The authors of eBooks make updating books and all the information is upgraded as soon as new information has added up. So, a reader can be sure about that he will get the most updated information from the eBooks. But a reader cannot expect that from a traditional book. To upgrade a traditional book, it needs to be published again and again with new information.

Additional Things

There are many eBooks found with extra bonuses. Some information is added up to these books as an extra bonus. People can get more from these eBooks than the traditional books. The cost may be the same or may be lower than a traditional book but the bonus is additional.

Space Savvy

A lot of books can be loaded in one device. Now a student or a reader do not need to take loads of books with them where they go. They can take all of their books with a small and smart device. It is super space savvy in this function. No need to block the space of a room to set up all books. In a small device all the books can set easily.

Stopping Tree Destruction

The eBooks are the best idea to save our nature and reduce the pollution. There is no need to destroy trees to find the products of the production of books which is needed for the traditional books. This is the eco-friendliest solution for the best nature saving function.


Over hundreds of books can be loaded in one device either it is computer or eBook reader. The wireless portable function of it makes sure to move with it easily. Readers can easily go anywhere with loads of books by this little device so that they can read when and where they want.

Hot-linked References

A reader can easily enrich his learning by reading an eBook. Most of the eBooks keep hot-links with their every possible text to provide the link for further information. A reader can easily know the description of the topic only by clicking on the hot links. These references increase the learning options.

The Custom Branding

There is an option of custom branding of the books very easily by giving the name of one person to the other book. If one allows it for his book, then a person can custom brand the book. There are many books that have become viral and so, the author of this book permits to give away those books or sell on his name or his company’s name.

Easy Access to Wide Collection of Information

There is a lot of information in our today’s world which is always changing and upgrading. When the reader buys an eBook, he may need further information or upgraded information to learn. In this case, the reader can get access to this information easily by hot links or easy search options.

Better Technology

The technology of this world is always upgrading and improving. The new versions of eBook readers, generally, always includes new features to increase the readability and learning options. Advanced and high-resolution functions are added and problematic issues are deducted. The backlight options, the font changing options and the movement of text options are improved functions made by new editions.


A revolutionary effect of technology has made the eBook reader. People are now getting to be in touch by reading and learning more with the help of the inventions. New innovative functions are making it easier to operate. Kids are also finding it more preferable to read and learn many things. Teachers and parents are also allowing their kids to have an eBook reader.

7 Interesting facts about EBook

7 Interesting facts about EBook

There are many debating issues on the air to argue the advantages of eBooks over the traditional physical books. Different types of sources or authors show different things about this matter. But it is an obvious future prediction that eBook are getting more place than traditional books. For the wide collections, easy accessibility and reading and learning proficiency of eBooks, people are getting more attached to eBooks. Now, many steps are taken to keep the balance of sale of traditional books like eBooks got permission to publish many books after the traditional ones so that after selling some traditional books, people got the opportunity to read the book in eBook readers. So, there is a rapid increase of spreading out of eBooks. Now, we are going to discuss some surprising facts of eBooks and their history and the future.

A Revolutionary Move of the Innovation History of e-Reader

The e-Reader innovation had got a revolutionary move by a Spanish woman named Angela Ruiz Robles, in 1949. The aim for her was to reduce the loads of books that needed to carry by the students. She wanted to reduce student’s hassle of carrying so many books. Her e-Reader was operated by the compressed air. This e-reader contains reels of amazing images and important texts threaded around the spindles. This e-reader also contains a magnifying glass to read in a larger font, a backlight to read at night and an audio player to read with an electronic voice. Though, this invention did not get into the reality, it was a strong step for the foundation of today’s e-reader.

A Surprising Cash Back

A renowned company made some conspiring steps regarding the sale of eBooks. They increased the cost of eBooks. So, to settle this issue, they agreed to pay $400 million regarding eBooks. So, it is a surprising and beneficial fact for the customers who bought eBooks from these renowned companies from April 2010 to May 2012. Because they are going to get back their extra money which was spent to purchase their eBooks. Most of the customers have already refunded.

Eco-friendly eBooks Production

As eBooks production do not require any nature-related products, no need to destroy our nature for eBooks. Paper books need products from trees for their production. It is absolutely at the price of our environment. So, to be careful about our environment, we can increase the production of eBooks and decrease environment destruction. It has been proved that if a person read 20 to 40 eBooks per year, it can spare a tree. So, the popularity and the use of eBook is increasing in a decent manner for this fact.

EBook Sale Increase Ratio

The ratio of selling a book does not depend on the popular titles. Some analysis on the sale of eBooks shows that the books of top authors are sold twice than a 5 ranked book. The best-selling book may not have top rank. So, it differs on the basis of the customer’s interest and author’s success. To be the author of a best-selling book is the main aim of all the authors. Around 3% sale comes from the best-selling book.

Longer Books Are More Preferred Than Shorter Books

Many analyses showed that longer eBooks are sold for many times than a shorter eBook. Readers prefer more a longer quality books. So, to be an author of a best-selling book, the author needs to make a quality book avoiding unnecessary talk and make it long with quality stories or informative content. Rather than a short serialized stories or a short novel, a quality long storybook is sold for many times.

Fall of eBook’s Price for Competition

Many publishing houses decreases the price of their eBooks on the basis of their competitors’ books’ price. When they find out that their competitors are selling books at low price, they lower their book’s price. The advantage is for the readers, of course. They find more books at the low price and so, the selling gets to increase also. The independent publishers and the self-publishers are releasing a lot of books at a very low price and thus the selling is also increasing.

The Viability of Tablets as E-Reader is an Encouraging Fact

People are getting more touched with their smartphones than the e-reader device. They prefer their smartphones to read more than the e-reader. So, the viability of smartphones and tablets as an e-reader is more encouraged by the people because they search for books to read on their smart devices. Depending on this demand, a lot of books are encoded to be able to read on the smartphones. In 2014, more than 50% of the eBooks are permitted to be read on the phone. So, the consuming and selling of e-Reader devices are decreasing rapidly.


The market for eBooks and e-readers are constantly changing. The selling may be very good this year and the fall of a sale can be found in the next year. This is the picture of the market for eBooks. But, gradually, people are getting in touch with eBooks more with time whether it is through an e-reader device or through their smartphones or tablets. The use of eBooks is an encouraging fact for all time.