3 good books that marketers should read

Guerrila marketing-  Jay Conrad Levinson

The world has never had as many small and medium enterprises as it is today. However, most businesses have to face the problem when it is founded: How to sell goods, implement effective marketing programs, build strong brands at a reasonable cost? Like on the battlefield, the smartest way to fight in this case is guerrilla marketing.

30-day guerrilla marketing is one of the marketing books or a lot of useful information about all marketing issues. It provides specific instructions such as how to build marketing plans, direct mail marketing plans, and choose the right time to use PR instead of traditional marketing. Levinson and Lautenslager are the leading researchers in guerrilla marketing. In this book, the author has summarized his experiences into a simple book, easy to apply for 30 days.

Blink -Malcolm Gladwell

A blink is a fantasy moment, when an idea, a trend, or a social behavior crosses a certain threshold – breaks out and spreads like a wild fire. Just like a sick person can trigger a pandemic, a small but accurate goal can also become a trigger for a fashion trend, replicating the consumption of the product. , or lower the crime rate …

In this book, which is warmly welcomed by readers, Malcolm Gladwell has discovered and opened us a deep understanding of the phenomenon of “outbreaks”, which will completely change the perception of all people around the world about the consumption of products and the dissemination of ideas.

Positioning- Al Ries and Jack Trout

Positioning was first introduced by American marketing strategist Jack Trout through an article published in Industrial Marketing magazine in 1969. Jack Trout then joined Al Ries in developing this concept. in the book Positioning – published in 1981, and since then Position has changed the traditional marketing approach and entered the lives of businesses.