10 Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of E-Textbooks

The popularity of the e-textbooks is increasing in a surprising manner. Due to the advancement of the technology, younger people are becoming more attached to the digital world and digital materials. Younger generation finds the use of digital materials easier than the traditional materials. So, the use of digital things is increasing by the younger people than the older. So, e-textbooks for the students are getting more selling ability than anything else. Some surveys proved that more than 50% students of the US use digital contents and e-textbooks over the traditional books. Students of other countries are also involved in the e-learning through e-textbooks. We will now know some reasons of e-textbook use.

Increasing Use of Digital Devices

Almost 98% students of the world use and own their smart device. A smartphone or a tablet is a common scene found at the hand of the students. They like to spend their most of the time on these smart devices. So, if they find the way to learn their text for their schools on their smartphones, it will be the better opportunity for them to spend their digital time wisely. So, they prefer e-textbooks more as they can read easily their tough texts on their smart devices. Almost 73% of the students like to study with the help of the technology.

The Lower Price

An e-textbook production does not need any paper, ink etc. whereas, traditional books need a lot of things for the production. So, e-textbooks can be made at a very low price. So, the cost of e-textbook is lower than the traditional books. For this reason, the e-textbooks are more affordable than any other books.

The Higher Accessibility

An e-textbook only need a Wi-Fi connection or internet connection to download. You can any books anytime you want. You can read your books whenever and wherever you want. To get a traditional book, you have to go to the market and search for it. In case of the e-textbook, students do not need to spend a lot of time and do not need to take any hassle to find an e-textbook. The super-fast search option makes the finding a book easier and a student can get a book within minutes.

The Easy Portability

An e-textbook device is a portable device. A student does not need to sit straight and read carefully anymore. A student can read at their utmost ease and comfort. The wireless portability made it so easy to use that students find it easier than any traditional textbook. They can travel with a lot of books through this e-textbook option.

The Digital Format of E-textbook

The digital format of traditional books makes it easy to turning up pages, see texts with reliable fonts and also read books at night with the backlight option of the e-textbook. Students find this format more convenient and easy to use than the traditional book format. Actually, the digitization of the textbooks makes the life of a student easy and comfortable. They can learn their textbooks at their utmost reliability.

The Functionality

The functionality of an e-textbook is of high standard. The highest utility base of an e-textbook makes the learning and reading easier for a student. The digital format of texts, the audio sounds, and audio definitions etc. make the learning easy. Some e-textbooks provide video options and 3D texting option that increase the readability.

The Highlighted Text

Some e-textbooks provide the highlighting texts function which increases the readability. The learning ability has also increased because of this function. When a student finds a highlighted text, they eager to read about that and also like to see the highlighted text of a whole content which in turn increase the learning interest for students.

Copy and Pasting Option

Most of the e-textbooks provide copy and paste option. A student can be able to modify their textbook to read and memorize the important facts in their own reliability. Students find their e-textbook as their own interest.

Interactive studies like guide puzzles

There are a lot of interactive studying functions of an e-textbook. Students can use this function to practice their learnings and thus their learning ability will be enriched. Students find it very useful to capture and memorize the texts. The hard texts become more easy to learn for this function.

Time-saving Fact

A lot of functions are included in the e-textbook. Students can use all the functions of e-textbook to enrich and enhance their readability and learning ability. These functions act as a time saving option for the student. Students can make it in a faster way. They can read anytime, any places and at anyhow they want. They can use it even when they rest in bed. They can continue their reading and be learning even when they go for a vacation or for traveling.


As a whole, we can say that the e-textbook has opened a wide door for the students to increase the readability and the learning ability. They can learn with the technological advancement and progress. This innovative e-textbook function enhances the career-making way. Students get to involve more due to the help of it. Students can be able to use time in the fastest way and get the learning option at their hand in every possible way.